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My unique approach centres on the transformative power of presence. By journeying with me, you’re not merely navigating life like everyone else, you’re unravelling the magic hidden within each present moment.

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You might be feeling lost in the noise, trying to find your true purpose amidst the chaos of everyday life, or maybe .. something just doesn’t feel right anymore…!

I’ve been there too. Struggling to not only connect with my inner self, but life itself! Always feeling like something was missing, or like you have a calling but not sure where to start!

Now, I’ve transformed my life by embracing presence and purpose. I’ve helped thousands through my therapy sessions, insightful interviews, as a best-selling author, and my powerful conversations on my popular podcast, ‘SOUL GIFT’, which enlightens countless listeners each month.


By mastering the art of presence. By understanding the power of purpose. And by retraining the mind, I’ll guide you on how to discover, and then live your unique gift.

This journey is about you tapping into your soul, while unlocking the abundance of a purpose-driven life.

Curious about how your personal journey can lead to a life of fulfillment and purpose?

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Hi, I’m Troy Devine – I crashed and burnt at age 35, I walked away from my high paying 9 to 5 because I felt completely lost in life! Now I am an Entrepreneur Therapist, Podcast Host, and I would be honoured to guide you on your journey.

Through my own transformation, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others find purpose and presence, while unlocking the extraordinary potential within.

This is you, Living Your Gift !

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“The Soul Gift”

Powerful conversations that will inspire you to make the change. A shift that will bring you Abundance, Health, Longevity, Meaning, and Greater Purpose into your life.





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Ep. 47

Shahmeen Sadiq – Exquisite Self Awareness


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