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It took me years to find my calling and purpose in life! Don’t wander around forever like I did. Start here, start now!

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The Soul Gift
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Hear inspiring stories that will give you the fuel and motivation to start your own Soul Journey.

Books to Guide Your Transformation

Move beyond fear, worry and frustration into a life, filled with courage and kindness.

The Ultimate Transformation Course

This is your first and best step towards embracing your true gift and accepting that you have so much more to offer the world.

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The Explosive Fast Track Path to you owing your life, while creating immediate impact in the world around you . 

Are You Sick Of Wandering Around In Life, Simply Waiting For Something Better To Arrive?

This Book Will Make It Your Reality

The Soul’s Path is more than just a book, it’s your guide and your blueprint to discovering your new way of life. Stop wandering around, and start owning your new life today.

A Quick Question?

Whose life are you currently living?

More than 70% of the population live unfulfilled (make it stand out in yellow or something)

If this makes your heart sink, because you know you’re living someone else’s life right now … You’re not alone.
Most people have been walking away from their Soul’s Calling for their entire lives. We are taught to put ‘others’ first and ourselves second. Most people will have you believe, you are simply supposed to struggle through life.

But most people are wrong …

Creating your new life has never been more achievable

You might not believe me just yet, but all it takes is a small shift, a powerful dream, and a path for you to follow.

That PATH is right here!

The Soul’s Path gives you the step by step process that tens of thousands of people have already followed to create a life of abundance, freedom, purpose and reward.


Hey There!

I’m Troy Devine

I am Australian self-help author, Multi-Million dollar business owner, ocean lover and serial people helper…. But not before I mentally crashed, felt lost and was stuck in my 9 to 5.

That’s right … Before I created my amazing life, I was unfulfilled and angry inside. I felt lost, without purpose and began to get annoyed at any form of habitual living.

I thirsted for spontaneity, more fulfillment, and a richer life!
Allow me to show you how you can discover the same life, all without having to waste a decade of your life.

The Awoken Mind

Are you ready to impact? This book is a gentle and definitive guide towards you making a stronger connection with…
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