What I am about to share with you in this book is literally going to go against everything you have been taught since you were a kid. Your current beliefs and perceptions surrounding your personal success and limits, are potentially about to be smashed apart. As you read you may even feel as though life, and possibly even others, have somehow been lying to you so far.

This book has seven powerful sections:

1. The scary night that started it all for me.
2. Why and how the rules of the life-game have appeared for you.
3. How your past has unfolded exactly according to plan and why you are here now.
4. The powerful philosophy that opens the door for you to live your ultimate life.
5. The science behind this powerful philosophy.
6. A proven, practical, yet extremely powerful formula for you to apply instantly into your life. Here I will also be demonstrating just how myself and others have utilised this formula over and over again to unlock their individual greatness in life.
7. A personal invitation for you to step over the line and put into practice what you have learned in these pages. This is where the rubber meets the road and your new life begins as you discover the real power of this formula.