Are You One to Live Two Lives..?

‘Frustrated By Living Two Lives’… ?

If you do, It will kill you twice as quick

“I can see clearly now”….

Some of the most powerful words ever spoken by Wayne Dyer. It wasn’t until Wayne was nearing the end of his journey, that he surveyed his life in depth. Truly understanding the synchronicities (as Maslow describes it) that occurred along his path, Dr Dyer beautifully points out what we all should be on the lookout for in life, on a daily basis.

In this article:

I will remind you of how to live out your life, so that you are aligned, not only with Wayne’s beautiful principles, but also in line with your own.

After getting my life handed to me (and I do mean handed to me), nearly two years ago through massive Anxiety, I finally discovered the key to life, a new approach to live my life that finally enabled me to look inward and do so without fear. You too, are about to take the same twists and turns that I did….  Without the Anxiety thing..

Phase One:

‘The Shift’, there is no other way to put it, and for the Wayne Dyer fans out there, yes this is another one of his catchphrases. It is the moment in your life, when your Dharma somehow becomes alive within your soul. I was once told by my spiritual teacher Karuna, that we all have a Dharma (Life Purpose) to fulfill, and if we keep neglecting to look inward to find it, the day will arrive when it forces you to make a ‘Shift’ inward.

My Shift came in the form of massive anxiety, once and for all I was forced to take a look inside. This was something I had put off for a decade and at age 35 I was hit hard and I can only hope, you don’t have to experience what I did.

Why Not To Live 2 Lives:

With today’s economic, social and self-made pressures, it’s hard to be recognised as someone who is, ‘keeping it together’. The ‘KIT’ people are apparently the ones who have it all in life, their health, their finances, their mental state and their social life, all seem to all be in alignment. These people are the ones the rest of us, somehow aspire to be like.

But the question is….. aspire to be like and at what cost…?

As far as I know, there are only 2 certainties in life, ‘Death’ and ‘Change’ it’s called Evolution. But I would like to add another here today.

Living 2 lives

Why it will kill you twice as quick….!!!

What Do I Mean:

Now I have your attention, I want to double your lifetime, I want to show you how you have been living a life of illness and misalignment.

How often do we see the ‘KIT’ (Keeping it altogether) people on social media, only to cry ourselves to sleep at night, in the hope that tomorrow we might awaken to find ourselves in a life equal to theirs.

Social Media offers many people a false life, a portrayal of something that is nothing short of fake. I am certainly not saying everything about celebs, successful people, world leaders and anyone else that seemingly has it all, is fake.

I am saying that 99% of the people online and their stories, are not entirely accurate. Their lives are being dramatically reduced and they don’t even know it.

The 2 life syndrome:

This is a worldwide epidemic, today you’re about to learn something that will bring back, a life full of ‘synchronicities’.

Interesting articles scatter the net each and every day, the speak of someone who was seemingly a KIT person one day, and the very next, they were found dead with a chemical warehouse in their possession.

Indeed the ugly side of someone’s life, we all failed to see. The most important thing here is, that they failed to recognise this ‘ugly side’ themselves, by continually lying to the media, friends, family and their followers, they reduced their life by half by not going inward.

Be Authentic Always:

Don’t become someone who lives two lives, one moment, spruking about how you have made millions online, only to find in the next moment you’re being foreclosed upon.

Don’t be the one who pretends that your days are filled with nothing but highs, when as soon as the doors close, the lows well out way anything you falsely portrayed online. Don’t be the one to suffer in silence behind closed doors, only to ensure your social followers increase each and every day because you think your fake life is what is attracting them.

Who Is This For:

Whether you have made it or not, this article is meant for you. I want you to get honest with yourself and then with your followers. I want your 2 lives to mesh in the middle. Today’s people are looking for someone to aspire to be like, but they are also looking for someone they can relate to, someone who has been where they are now and tasted the sourness that life sometimes has to offer.

The Shift & How It Occur:

Normally in life, choosing to look inward, only occurs with an illness, financial disruption, emotional breakdown or something similar.

These can have many different social terms, like mid-life crisis, major trauma, terminal illness, breakdown and so on, but at the end of the day, the victim will inevitably blame everyone and everything around them. The key is that the body has a wonderful way of letting us know that enough is enough, and the only way to get honest, is to take a real look at how you have been living your life.

As A Mind Expert:

I know how emotional blocks can be unprogrammed, returning a once unbalanced system back to equilibrium. The body first begins to send subtle signs to try and grab your attention, the more you ignore the signs to course correct, and the more you try and blame others and your surroundings, the louder your soul’s signal must become.

Gentle signs become large wake up calls….

Don’t Continue, the ‘2 Life Path’…

The only true way:

Is to continue in life, to throw all of your cards on the table.

This approach scares the hell out of most people, but before you yell and scream at your computer, tablet or smartphone, please way up which is scarier. Being robbed of life at an early age, due misalignment and a life of deceit, or living a FULL life aligned with your Dharma and Life Purpose…

I hope you choose the full life option, if not, I wish you well and I will see you on the other side….

But you will have to wait quite a while… ?

What I Do….?

How Do I Do It…

Remember these words….

’Self Respect’….

Ask One Question:

If you’re not living authentically, if you’re failing to get honest with yourself and if you continue to live 2 Lives…. You’re certainly not respecting yourself.

Before you perform any task, any post, or any activity in life, you are to ask one question….Is what I’m about to do, truly going to resemble self-respect to myself in every way.

But how do I live that way you ask….?

Monsters In The Closet:

When we were all young, we were so scared about the monsters in the closet, we sometimes cried ourselves to sleep about what may lay just beyond the darkness. The moment we grew old enough (strong enough) to look into the darkness, we found nothing but an empowering moment in our lives..

Think about that, maybe it’s time you laid your cards on the table and find another empowering moment. Who knows, you just might save your own, or someone else’s life, with your new found authenticity….

If you feel completely lost with this 2 lives thing …

I could help you empower and retrain your Mind ..

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