IMAGINE A NEW WAY .. Use Your Attention Wisely !

Where Your Attention Goes – Energy Flows –

Where Your Attention Goes

– Energy Flows –

Want to “Imagine A New Way” of exploring your dreams?

Before we begin on how you can transform your reality into anything you desire (Imagine A New Way). I must paint a little picture of how this ‘Attention’ thing can also work against you….. OR at least how it worked against me…!!

Do you notice, that whatever you focus your attention on, seems to magnify beyond belief? Like bills! Like that car you love! Like that dress you want! Like how you hate your job!

I know it’s sounds obvious right,

but listen to me when I say ..

This literally change my life!!

Mis-Guided Attention

I am betting you know what happens with your focus, in the times when you’re late for work or that important meeting. You constantly say over and over in your head, “please, don’t let there be any red lights or slow people in front of me”! Or, in the moments your partner is driving you up the wall, and you TRY not to notice that one little annoying trait, the one thing you have been trying so hard to ignore – just won’t leave your awareness..

Noisy Chewing!

Not Cleaning Their Mess Up!

Constant Laziness!


Crazy Spending Habits!

Yep that’s right..

When your focus is on trying to ignore something, or avoid something, the thing you don’t want in your awareness – will in fact – amplify!! And everyone has experienced the new car scenario. You know the time when you purchased your new car and thought it was the only one in existence and then … It begins to appear time and time again, all around you…. Now everyone has one


By placing your attention on trying to ignore something, or wishing for something ‘not to‘ be in front of you – (ie traffic jams and red lights), you are actually signalling to your subconscious mind that you need to see more of it. When you want out of a job, out of a relationship, or out of poverty and so on, the subconscious mind doesn’t hear the word ‘out’, it just simply knows to go get more of your chosen focal point.

How did it work against me…..?
Now you know roughly how the mind works, let me paint a little picture for you.

My Soul’s Path

Turning 35, my life was at full acceleration and potential, I always knew I ‘fell on my feet’ throughout life (a subconscious program), so I thought the next 35 years of my life would be a repeat of the last. That is when I began to reflect on my Electrical career! I wanted to go deeper and understand what it was that really drove me to turn up to work, each and every day. I desperatly wanted to ‘Imagine A New Way’ to live my life…

So much for being happy with simply repeating life!!

Imagine A New Way:

After 2 years of personal development and looking inward, I very clearly realised that the construction industry was no longer igniting my ‘inner spark’. That’s when I began to focus my attention on those successful people who were seemingly living their dream lives as authors, speakers and influencers. I looked beyond the construction industry at my potential, and immediately wanted out…

Two things occurred for me right here.

The first being that I saw a beautful future! And the second being, that every morning I opened my eyes, I hoped for the construction industry would simply disappear from my life, as if by magic!! I kept telling myself that you need to get out!

Yet, I refused to Imagine A New Way by doing the work I needed to do.

At the time:

Working at a very large organisation with many employees. Although I wanted out, I was extremely grateful for the job at hand. On a daily basis, I tried to convince myself to stay and not quit. I would try my hardest to NOT focus my attention on the ungrateful employees around me, to NOT focuson my frustration towards myself.

On and on it went!

By trying to push something out of my vision, you guessed it, I was actually signalling to my subconscious that I wanted to see more of it.

A Free Spirit Type Of Guy

Me, as a free-spirited personality, the last thing I wanted to feel, was trapped.

Right then my career became a ‘toxic’ part of my life, well actually it nearly ruined my life because I felt like it was all I knew, and that I had to remain in it for life.

Big Bucks:

Earning well over 6 six figures a year, I buried my head, hoping that the feeling within would simply disappear, or sort itself out. Continuing to trade money for my deteriorating health, I tried not to think what would happen with my mortgage if I quit my high paying job to chase ‘my calling’.

Once again…..
While trying not to focus on my mounting bills and toxic job, my awareness exploded with mis-guided attention at all times. There was nothing positive about my current work, financial and health situation, or at least nothing that I was allowing to be seen anyway…

My 18 month collapse began…..

’My thoughts, attention and life’, went on a downward spiral. I still neglected my ability to ‘Imagine A New Way’.

Thinking Up Your Future…. (Start with 2016)

Neurologically speaking, your mind simply creates links, or pathways each and every moment of your life. These ‘links are compounded over time when reinforced by emotional feelings.

Emotional Connection:

The example above, my emotional connection was huge, but unfortunately for me, my subconscious mind didn’t care if the emotions were positive or negative. It simply looks and feels for an emotional response that recurs over and over again, and the greater the response, the greater the storage impact.

For me it was that I hated my career with a passion because it was holding me back from chasing my dreams and my mind was then enhancing those neurological connections – all based on my thinking at the time…

Negative always has more power because we find it easier.

Make Sense…..?

Take a moment………

And recall one of the funniest situations you have ever been in,

the time when you had the giggles

or tears of joy running down your face….

Is it an easy recall for you …? (I’m guessing – sort of!)

Now Take Another Moment……….

And recall one of the most PAINFUL memories you have ever had,

a time that really hurt you….

a moment when you were severly ‘wronged’ !!

Was this one easier for you to recall …? (I’m guessing – definitely yes!!)

NOW, before you even completed reading what I was writing, the mind read the word ‘painful’ and had you search for a very vivid picture in your mind. Some negative experience and it didn’t take long for you to place your attention on something…

Why: (Still Yet to Imagine A New Way)

Well, because your emotional attachment is huge, you are (whether you know it or not) trying to forget it, rather than trying to rewrite it…

Our recall ability is all based on these emotional pathways ..

Imagine A New Way & Explore Your Future

Now you are going to replace that memory without even focusing on it…

Actually, that’s exactly how it is going to lose it emotional weight for good. Let’s get something clear right away, this stuff is not something that works after one day of repetition. It gathers emotional momentum after you really feel that you are heading in a whole new direction, a conscious (and totally aware) direction.


There are numerous wealthy, scientific, successful and credible people who will back up what I am speaking about here, a couple of little-known people I will mention – Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Wayne Dyer (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life), Jim Rohn (Change My Thinking), Einstein (Think In Pictures) ……

This is the ‘Attention’ thing! These guys all stand by bringing into your consciousness what you desire – Imagine A New Way..

Do Your Research:

Please do not take what I’m saying as ‘hearsay’, you and I both know it’s time for you to change the way you ‘THINK’… ‘Imagine A New Way’

Don’t look to get out of your old habits, nor should you look to get out of your current career, financial status or place of work. Look to explore new, challenging and exciting things in life, ones that will one day help you to eliminate and replace, those old unhealthy ways.

Here’s What I Mean….

Surely by now you understand that we don’t simply eliminate things from our lives by focussing on getting rid of them. Our new job is to incorporate new habits, new thoughts and a whole new direction that will allow those old habits and ways to simply drop off. We move to a higher level on the ‘playing field of life’, by elevating ourselves, by bringing about new ways and ideals that create new experiences for ourselves.

Here’s how I did it…..And continue to ‘do it’….

Quitting my job with no backup plan was where I started!! – however I don’t recommend this for anyone, but it was definitely the fastest way to realise that ‘life’ always has something better to offer. I then slowly began to incorporate new ‘thought provoking’ habits into my life.

I began to clearly Imagine A New Way by implementing life changing habits.


  • Awake at 5am – without hitting ‘snooze’ once (miracle morning – Hal Elrod)
  • Exercise daily for 30 mins – no excuses – Swim in board shorts year round
  • Journaling about my true ambitions and desires to impact the world
  • Read 10 pages (min) of a personal development book daily
  • Educate myself to build websites – (various courses and youtube)
  • Learn the skills of Marketing & Branding – (network marketing company)
  • Inspire people to overcome their personal fears – (created a blog)
  • Become a Nationally Accredited Hypnotherapist – (Additional Studies)
  • Join several public speaking organisations – NSAA – Toastmasters
  • Email, Interview and Network with very successful people around the globe
  • Meditate, Yoga, Pilates and all things Breathing – (one day per week)
  • Attend Seminar after Seminar – (Force myself to go and speak with the speaker)
  • Learn ‘Mindfulness’ – (Constant Practice and research)



Not saying that these things should be a part of your life, but maybe one of the above offers a good place to start. By ‘Thinking’ and ‘Acting’ differently about my future and my new personal skills, I began to attract new things into my awareness while automatically forgetting the old.

By re-minding myself daily, that my new habits are opening new doorways each and every day, I am signalling that this is what I want to see in life….. NEW OPPORTUNITIES..

Taking Action….

Only you MUST do something about your current ‘THINKING’ habits, it is not about assigning blame to others, nor is it about waiting for something or someone to leave your life or current surroundings, in order for you to ‘get on with things’……

You are the only one:

Who has ‘thought’, what you have thought to date. I am not saying what has happened to you, is your fault, what I am saying is that in order to change the emotional discomfort you carry around, you must take full control of your life and your thoughts, from here on in own your life.

And that’s how this year is going to change your life forever…

Your New Way…. (The Mission)

Begin to get very clear on what you want from life, if you don’t know, then make that your new intention. Suggest to yourself (and the universe) on a daily basis, that you are now ready for change and on the lookout for new exciting opportunities and people, that might resonate with you.

Start talking differently:

To those you encounter, tell them where you’re headed (but don’t look for their support to proceed), and be proud of it. Journal about your constant improvement and give yourself time to reflect each week in a congratulatory way. This takes time but stick with it for the entire year, and I promise your life will change.

This is what Napoleon Hill speaks about in the classic - ‘Think And Grow Rich’, An entire chapter is dedicated to ‘Autosuggestion’ (chapter 4). The art of ‘one day’ putting your mind on autopilot, for all the right reasons…..

Some daily disciplines might include

  • Start the day off differently – break your old habit
  • Smoothy or green juice – instead of relying on coffee to get you started
  • Don’t hit SNOOZE (ever again) – you’re saying to your mind, that your next move is not going to be enjoyable….

Remember this is a new exciting path for you.

  • Listen to inspiring audio on the way to work
  • Discover how you can promote your skills and abilities at work (without egotism)
  • Look for (and inform) your partner of something good they do on a daily basis.

Remember….. It all starts with how you ‘THINK’ about what occurs around you…

Surrender to your individual path,

smirk and realise that from this day forth,

things are going to be a little different…

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