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If you’re at a crossroads in life and you’re ready to find more mindfulness, meaning and magic, let’s work together. 

Those feelings of being stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled don’t have to be permanent, but to make ‘life come to you’, you have to step out into the unknown and fully explore who it is you are designed to be. 

When I was lost and stuck in my 9 to 5, I didn’t have a roadmap, so it took me a decade to find my way! With my guidance, you’ll discover the shortcut within weeks. You will open the door to the amazing new life you so deeply desire. 

You are a one-of-a-kind gift. It’s time to unearth the true you and share it with the world. 

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My journey led me to speak in-depth with 1000 people and record their perspectives and experiences when it comes to unearthing their potential and living their gift.  This gave me unique insights and the confidence to follow my own true passions.
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It’s amazing what you can achieve when you align yourself with a purpose driven path. My books, podcast, freebies, coaching sessions, and courses will all allow you to build a stronger connection with your unique and powerful path.

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My journey: Part one (Feeling Lost)

I’d had enough…

I worked for nearly two decades in construction and in one crazy moment, I realised I had somehow outgrown my entire journey to date. 

In one single second, I crashed. I was mentally overwhelmed with the crazy amount of unanswered questions running around in my head! I drafted a plan, to not only quit my lifelong 9 to 5 job, but to make the same amount of money in a calling where I had huge amounts of free time. 

My only option was to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and one that would ultimately unlock incredible meaning, abundance and my true purpose. 

But in the beginning:

I was simply going through the motions with my life and career

I couldn’t define what was wrong, I didn’t even know why it was happening to me

I knew I had to take action, but didn’t know where to start.

My journey: Part two (A Powerful Life)

A long road to discovery

I entered a period of vicarious learning, to the point where I felt even more burnt out than before. I had loads of new information but didnt know how to apply it.

After spending months looking outwards and asking thousands of questions, I had no choice but to look inwards. The experts were all telling me that in order to truly succeed in life, I needed to resolve my past wounds, fears, doubts and limiting beliefs about myself. In short, I needed to overcome the Mind.

Once I aligned myself with the experts in this industry, and did the inner work required, I emerged with a profound wisdom, a greater sense of clarity and an intense desire to guide people to what I had now discovered.

Along The Way …

I started by learning from others

Then I moved through my own anxiety and roadblocks

My gifts and purpose became clear

Life began unlocking incredible opportunities

The process

Learn To Live Your Gift

Once you have broken free from the expectations and beliefs that are preventing you from living on your terms, you’ll be able to lift the world with your own talents and perspectives. “Through Presence You Find Purpose” 


Through mindfulness, we aim to make you acutely aware of the limitless within.  It’s about grounding yourself in the present, recognising the patterns that have defined your life to date, and preparing to rewrite the tales that have held you back.

This is not something to be afraid of, it is a powerful, transformative and liberating part of life that your mind wants you to avoid.


Once you’ve gained an intimate understanding of your mind’s narrative, the next step is transformation. Reshaping that narrative, bringing a renewed sense of purpose to your life. It’s not just about changing the story; it’s about enriching it, filling it with positive outlooks, aspirations, and a deeper understanding of your place in the world.


With a refreshed worldview and a life pulsing with new meaning, you’ll unlock the most exhilarating phase: seeing the magic in life.  This isn’t about conjuring illusions; it’s about recognising the profound wonder that exists in everyday moments.  When you align with this perspective, every experience, big or small, becomes a testament to life’s endless possibilities and enchantments.

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Here’s what you need to know

Discover You – Embrace Your Gift . Follow a path towards profound self-discovery and fulfilment.

You may feel alone but your story is not unique. So many of us tread the path laid out before us and build our careers and families without tapping into our true selves. 

At some stage you have found yourself lying in bed, sitting in the car or even standing with your hand on the doorknob, with the screaming fact in your brain that you just can’t keep going this way. 

This is an amazing moment in your life because it triggers action and change. Once you have accepted that you have more to offer the world and deserve to be able to share it with people, incredible things will happen.

I can almost guarantee I have been exactly where you are right now. It took me years to get ‘unstuck’ and to finally ‘wake up’ and see what incredible options I had. To date, I have interviewed individuals all over the globe who have walked this path also, I have studied the mind and now built incredible spiritual muscle. Heck, I even became a qualified therapist so that I could help myself !

I’ll bring incredible transformation and abundance into your life, and I’ll guide you to do it in a fraction of the time it took me! 

My approach is fact-based and straightforward. It follows a clear and powerful framework, and one that I discovered after working with people all over the globe. 

Think of it like you needing to read a thousand books to get where you need to go, and I have the condensed powerful version already written, in one single playbook !

You have a unique place to fill in the world and a Gift the world needs to see.

The only thing you need to do is; Discover it, harness it,  and then share it as long as you live. 

Why not get started by listening to the Soul Gift podcast? It’s free and you can tune in any time.

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Work with an empathetic spiritual guide, one who has worked with the best of the best and with the vision to see the brighter, more authentic future you can step into. You’ll receive a clear, compassionate, and personalised roadmap that includes tools for introspection, alignment, and transformation – helping you peel back the layers of external expectations to discover and embrace your true self.


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