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The 7-Steps To “Turn Your Gift Into Gold”

If you’re ready to turn your gift into gold and discover a life filled with happiness, joy and abundance, while saying goodbye to a life filled with confusion, emptiness and regret … Then let’s journey together!

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John Lee Dumas

“If You’re Ready To Turn Your Gift Into Gold – My Man Troy Devine Has Got Your Back – John Lee Dumas -“

Pat Flynn

If you’re truly ready to live your gift, which is like discovering a superpower, then this is about to become truly life changing. – Pat Flynn-

Hey! I’m Troy Devine...

... Stop waiting for the right moment to live your gift and lift the world

Make This Year, Your BEST YEAR EVER !

Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost in the hustle of daily life, and desperate for something, anything to change so you feel a sense of authenticity and fulfilment?

You’re not alone. Thousands of people find themselves stuck in unfulfilling routines, burdened by societal pressures, and disconnected from their true selves. 

If your life is busy and full but you never feel genuinely satisfied, the good news is that change is possible.

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This unique training will show you exactly how to discover and live your true gift so your life has mindfulness, meaning and magic. 

Imagine leading a life that aligns with your authentic self, passions, and values, where you are thriving, experiencing deep fulfilment, and adding your unique value to the world.

This Program Is Truly Life Changing

Turn Your Gift Into Gold In 7 Powerful Steps

When You Discover Your Gift..
It’s Like Unlocking A Superpower.

Discover and embrace your gift and use it to create a life of purpose, fulfilment and service

Right now you might be thinking…

“Why does nothing feel quite right to me?”
You are outwardly successful but inwardly unfulfilled and yearning for something more.
"How Can I Truly Be Myself"
You can live in a more authentic way when you unlock your magic blueprint.
“What do I actually have to offer the world?”
When you discover that you are the gift, your life will be filled with opportunities to impact.

You’re not alone — I’ve been there too…

I understand your struggle because I’ve lived it and come out the other side. 

After making my own life-changing transformation, I’ve been able to guide hundreds of others to do the same. 


The Ultimate 7-Steps To Your BEST YEAR EVER!

This Unique Program Is Designed For Explorers Like You

You know you’ve got so much to offer, but how do you define that Gift that  makes you unique?  I’ve crafted the ultimate success pathway that will help you say goodbye to overwhelm & feeling lost, and move into you fully embodying your new successful life.

This is you living your gift – AND impacting the world.


Financial Freedom: Past participants have gone on to dramatically change their financial situation and design their own lifestyles.

Unbelievable Self Confidence: It’s like taking a self-confidence magic pill, but instead of wearing off, this lasts forever.

Clarity of Purpose: You will have an unmeltingly clear understanding of who you are, and how you can leverage that for good.

Life Planning: You will gain a life changing attitude towards your time and how you spend it. Imagine living every moment in alignment.

A New Powerful You: You will develop a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities that come your way. This gratitude will lead to a greater sense of fulfilment in your daily life, both personally and professionally.

Gratitude & Fulfillment: When you develop a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities you receive, they just keep coming.

Monetisation: You will clearly understand how to monetise your Gift. You will spot opportunities others miss and turn it all into gold.

Win Your Life Back: leave this text the same – but make it stand out like the rest…

Remember … You’re Only ONE POWERFUL STEP Away


Here’s what you’ll get

Transform Your Life

It’s your time to take significant immediate action so you can rethink, reframe and rewrite your story – And change your life in the process.

Discover your true self (Discovery Phase)

Access the secret playbook for powerful introspection, alignment, and transformation, then peel back the layers of external expectations to discover and embrace your true self.

Make a plan for change (Visionary Phase)

Be given the secret sauce on how to develop a clear, compassionate, and personalised roadmap, that will guide you to explosive and transformation results.

Live Your Gift (Transformational Phase)

Once you have identified the unique gift you have to offer the world, which is you! We will show you ways to share it so you are living a more authentic, rich and fulfilling life.

Lift the World (Impacting / Legacy Phase)

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and lost! Here you align yourself with your calling, and in doing so, you automatically impact everyone around you. This is a cool place to be!

What are the results of ‘Devine Intervention’?

What Others Are Saying About Troy

Dr John DeMartini

Your contribution to others is clear and transformational. May you continue to touch the lives of millions.

Amy Porterfield

Always allowing me to share from the heart – always feeling inspired after working with Troy.. Give yourself the change you deserve

Keith Abraham

I love what Troy stands for, his quest is inspirational and the gift he gives to those he connects with to harness the individual power of your soul is remarkable

Tony Burns
Tony-Burns-Testimonial for Troy Devine

Find how you can serve others in life … Troy’s Passion and Purpose for the Gift that he has – is Inspiring the world

John Lee Dumas

“If You’re Ready To Turn Your Gift Into Gold – My Man Troy Devine Has Got Your Back – John Lee Dumas -“

Pat Flynn

Are you ready to truly discover something great … If you’re truly ready to live your gift, which is like discovering a superpower.. then this is about to become truly life changing.

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Explore your gift and achieve massive results in all areas.

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Here’s what you’ll find inside

What You Get

Take a look at what this training will cover. 

Rise & Expand: Here we will transform Chaos into Clarity. Misalignment into Meaning. And Frustration into Focus. If you’re left to wander around in the dark, who knows where the light switch is – here you will turn on the light.

Your Thing – Your Way: Healthy versus Un-Healthy Competition and the impacts on your personal energy. Here we will highlight your greatest attributes and connect you with an influential figure.

Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality: Saying goodbye to imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and finally owning your reality. It’s ok for you to choose your own path in this life and here you will gain the confidence and courage to do so.

Becoming You: Moving from the ‘reporter’ in life, to the ‘explorer’. This is where it all starts to come together for you. Here we assign you a ‘Theme’ for your meaningful life and show you how to be guided by it.

Tuning In & Cultivating Your Intuition: When you begin to align your inside and outside worlds, the magic begins to happen. Here you will become clear on what is on your YES list, and also what is on your not so YES list.

Universal Guidance & Support: This is where your impact and transformation find a powerful new level. Here you will 10X your transformation because you will find guidance and strength in the most powerful relationship.

Showing Up For Your Destiny: Time to attract the life you desire. Einstein said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”. I am going to show you how to show up beyond your wildest dreams so you become an energetic match to life itself.

Q&A Recording of behind-the-scenes interviews (getting unlost and my top 5)

The Unblocking & Rebalancing Technique (audio recording)

The Vault Access – To my ‘The Tools Of The Trade’
(Which includes)

  • My top 10 ‘must read’ books of all time
  • My VIP contact list of my go to people (and the hack to contact them)
  • An opportunity to speak one on one with me – 30mins

and not only that!

LIFETIME Access To The BONUS Vault

Get the VIP access to you 100X ing your personal impact on the world. Rise higher and become more empowered as you consume this valuable material. The same material that cost me more than a decade of my life and upwards of 50K to learn.

Your Income, Self-Worth & Attractor Factor are all about to increase!

Bonus #1: Q&A Recording of behind-the-scenes interviews (getting unlost and my top 5)

Bonus #2: The Unblocking & Rebalancing Technique (audio recording)

Bonus #3: The Vault Access – To my ‘The Tools Of The Trade’

$997 VALUE

Total Value: $4,997


Ready to discover your unique and authentic self?

Enrol In My Ultimate Transformation Course Today

Rethink, reframe and rewrite your story with this life-changing training. 

Enrol In My Ultimate Transformation Course Today

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Here’s what you need to know

Discover You – Embrace Your Gift . Follow a path towards profound self-discovery and fulfilment.

You may feel alone but your story is not unique. So many of us tread the path laid out before us and build our careers and families without tapping into our true selves. 

At some stage you have found yourself lying in bed, sitting in the car or even standing with your hand on the doorknob, with the screaming fact in your brain that you just can’t keep going this way. 

This is an amazing moment in your life because it triggers action and change. Once you have accepted that you have more to offer the world and deserve to be able to share it with people, incredible things will happen.

I can almost guarantee I have been exactly where you are right now. It took me years to get ‘unstuck’ and to finally ‘wake up’ and see what incredible options I had. To date, I have interviewed individuals all over the globe who have walked this path also, I have studied the mind and now build incredible spiritual muscle. Heck, I even became a qualified therapist so that I could help myself !

I’ll bring incredible transformation and abundance into your life, and I’ll guide you to do it in a fraction of the time it took me! 

My approach is fact-based and straightforward. It follows a clear and powerful framework, and one that I discovered after working with people all over the globe. 

Think of it like you needing to read a thousand books to get where you need to go, and I have the condensed powerful version already written, in one single playbook !

You have a unique place to fill in the world and a Gift the world needs to see.

The only thing you need to do is; Discover it, harness it,  and then share it as long as you live. 

Why not get started by listening to the Soul Gift podcast? It’s free and you can tune in any time.

If you really want to fast-track your journey, register for my free introductory course.

Work with an empathetic spiritual guide, one who has worked with the best of the best and with the vision to see the brighter, more authentic future you can step into. You’ll receive a clear, compassionate, and personalised roadmap that includes tools for introspection, alignment, and transformation – helping you peel back the layers of external expectations to discover and embrace your true self.


Total Value of This offer: $9,997

$9,997  $1,997




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